Work & Family Conference

The Work and Family Conference is organized every year to bring together, Chief Executives, HR directors and HR professionals to focus our attention on our most important asset, the people.

Work and Family Conference - IWFI

The conference also aims to enable us look beyond our performance management system/structures; and examine the impact of policies and the environment on the people and our next generation of workers. This is to ensure the sustainability of our business and indeed the economic system as we know it, in constantly changing environment of work and family.

In 2016, we began the IWFI Annual Research Report, in which we share findings from three of our surveys in Lagos. This is necessary so that the Institute’s advocacy for Family Responsible Policies is not based on emotions, sentiments, innuendos or myth. Our principal investigators with prestige on Work-Family issues share these findings and which are further enriched by discussants, making it practical and easily digested and assimilated.

Pictures from past Work & Family Conference