Work-Life Integration (WLI) Programme

Our Work-Life Integration programme, ensures that employers and employees manage the dynamic relationship between their work and personal lives.

About WLI

Proper work-life integration is becoming inreasingly important

52% of employees check work-related e-mails and documents during vacations; while 42% of them feel obligated to do so. 

A key aspect of this programme focuses on ensuring that managers and team leaders understand how such integration(s) can help their work teams increase productivity and efficiency, for more effective results. 

It is important for employees to merge both parts of their identity, for a more balanced life. Happy people, make better employees, and better employees have improved productivity within organizations. Everyone wins!!

Key Takeaways

At the end of this programme,
participants can:


Understand the dynamics of work-life integration and create personal life goals, to properly achieve it.


Learn new productivity hacks (prioritization, planning, scheduling, principles and habits) and how to become a lifelong learner.


Improve communication through conflict resolution and relationship management.


Identify challenges in their personal life that affect work engagement and develop simple strategies to address them.


Have personal questions around engagement and productivity answered.


Develop practical strategies that enable high-performing managers and maximize this integration.