Integral Student Education (ISE) Programme

This programme aims at enabling schools produce world-class leaders, enhance competitive advantages and financial profitability of schools.

About ISE

This program delivers personalized student-centered education.

It is a solution providing programme for schools, educators, educational administrators, parents and students. It gives these stakeholders the required tools to play their respective roles in the education and formation of the child.

This programme which is in response to the research findings by the Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) and the Lagos Business School (LBS), is an adaption of the masters programme on Family Advisory, by the Universities of Nueva and Madrid, Spain.


The aim of ISE is to ensure that school
owners and/or boards:


Successfully create family advisory systems in theirs institutions and use this to get more enrollment from referrals.


Employ scientific approaches, to achieve holistic education and produce students with high success ratings.


Address common developmental challenges in young people, especially those with learning difficulties.


Improve parental involvement for collaborative education.

Student Centered Learning

The Executive Teachers Programme (ETP) in Integral Student Education (ISE), helps schools and parents understand the six (6) key components of student-centered learning and education: