Married Couples Relationship (MCR) Programme

The MCR programme is a weekend of true love and rediscovery. The programme delivers applicable tools, from basic principles that guide married couples towards marital fufillment, familial sustainability and enrichment.

Major Takeaways from the Getaway

At the end of this programme, participants will:

Understand temperants and its effect on their marriage.


Apply knowledge gained from the spouse test to enrich their marriage.


Our practical knowledge on the effects of communication and dialogue in marriage.


Successfully undergo the Making your marriage work (Part I & II) courses.


Learn ways to manage marital-associating relationships.


Recognize career and productivity management, through various phases in their marriage.


Develop a strategy for the future of their ideal family.


Resolve intimacyand enhance relationships

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A weekend of True Love & Rediscovery

One weekend getaway that will literally change your married life for the best


What some couples had to say.
We especially love the test on individual reflection, where one of the spouse is allowed to write and discuss further with their partner. This really enables us address issues we weren't comfortable saying out loud.
The Onyemas
The Q&A session with the facilitating couples testimony was eye opening and commendable. It showed us that a happy marital relationship can be achieved, alongside a successful career. We also found the exercise on understanding your spouse and the group exercises very realistic to apply.
The Egbohs
What we really loved was the part where we got the opportunity to dialogue with each other, while maintaining our confidentiality.
The Juwahs