Our Research Birth Solutions

We use findings from our research and the global body of knowledge to create work-family interventions in Nigeria.

We center our work on research

In very broad terms, IWFI research are on Work, Schools and Families domains.

IWFI appreciates the relevance of data-backed processes hence it gives priority to research on work-family and life conflicts. This has become imperative given its absence in Nigeria as against global efforts. IWFI research will provide relevant data to back policy initiatives and interventions to address the work-family-life conflict.

IWFI currently collaborates in research with institutions such as the Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University, IESE Business School (Spain), University of Houston (USA), Kings College London (UK).

research of institute of work and family integration (IWFI)

The areas of IWFI’s research focus include:

1. Work-life interface challenges and corporate family responsibility
  • Employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Parental work stressors and family impact
  • Corporate family-friendly policies
  • Reducing staff turnover. Increasing loyalty 
2. Technology’s impact on work and family
  • Changes in value and expectation
  • 24/7 technology people
3. Impact of parental involvement in child education
  • Family change and child well-being
4. Implications of the gender gap
  • Women and leadership
5. The future of the family

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