Intermediate Certificate in Marriage and Family Counselling: A Systemic Approach

This course is designed to acquaint participants who have passed successfully the Basic Skills programme in marriage and family therapy. 

The main elements are taken from the standard graduate programme in marriage and family therapy (MFT) and abbreviated to enable participants acquire, in a short course, further skills and competence beyond the basic level that they can use in their work places, in pastoral settings and other contexts. A strong emphasis is placed in understanding social, economic and cultural environment of clients in counseling. 

For Whom

Graduates of the Basic Skills Course. Other participants may be evaluated for inclusion in a special cohort


 Four Months

Practicum: 6 weeks 

Expected Outcome

At the end of the programme, successful participants would have acquired skills and competencies to enable them:

Attain a deeper knowledge of the field of marriage and family therapy


Recognize obvious symptoms of psychopathology in couples and family clientele


Become deeply aware of the social and cultural contexts of counseling


Become fully aware of their limits of practice competence and thus direct clients rightly to professional counselors 


conduct first level assessment of clients within their competence level


provide first-step interventions in moments and areas of dire need where there are no professionally trained and licensed counselors and where problems are neither deep-seated, intractable or pathologically grave.

Take Away

Intermediate Certificate in Systemic Marriage & Family Counseling (Non-accredited). Participants must fulfill all course requirements including all assignments; at least 80 percent class attendance; two-week practicum


  1. Systemic versus language approaches to family counseling -Wk 1
  2. Some Recent Models in MFT (Collaborative and Narrative therapy) –Wk 2
  3. Cultural Issues in Clinical Diagnosis and Interventions –Wk 3
  4. Systemic Approach to Addiction Counseling in Families –Wk 4
  5. Systemic and Individual Interventions in Neurodevelopmental Challenges (Autism and ADHD) –Wk 5
  6. Systemic Interventions in IPV- Wk 6
  7. Sexuality and Sex Therapy Wk 7
  8. Socio-economic factors in couple and family counseling –Wk 8
  9. Contexts of therapy: Gender and Culture in marital counseling –Wk 9
  10. Six-week practicum