Advanced Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling: A Systemic Approach

This course is a diploma-level course equivalent to the core curriculum of the first year of Masters degree in family counseling, designed for participants who have passed through the Basic and Intermediate Certificates in systemic approach to marriage and family counseling.

Emphasis is on acquiring near-professional level competence in family counseling to meet the needs of clients who have no access to full professional counseling services.

For Whom

Graduates of the Intermediate Certificate programme. Other participants may be evaluated for inclusion in a special cohort.


 Four Months

Practicum: 12 weeks 

Expected Outcome

At the end of the programme, successful participants would have acquired advanced skills to enable them:

Develop deeper insights into the field of marriage and family therapy with focus on most recent models


Develop skills in multilateral approaches to intervention in psychopathology


Work with clinical professionals across different modalities and approaches 


Conduct deeper level assessment of clients


Understand the place of law, religion, ethics and culture in family counseling 


Provide needed interventions within their level of competence to address problems of addiction, non-psychiatric care of persons with serious mental illness, and assist in the psychological management of families in crisis 

Take Away

Advanced Certificate in Systemic Marriage & Family Counseling (Non-accredited). Participants must fulfill all course requirements including all assignments; at least 80 percent class attendance; two-week practicum 


  1. Neuropsychology and Systemic family counseling 17/8
  2. Some Recent Models in MFT (Solution-focused Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing) 24/8
  3. Nature and Culture in Family Assessment and Intervention 31/8
  4. Systemic and Clinical Interventions in Pornography and Sex Addiction in Couples and Families
  5. Working with families in crisis
  6. Serious mental illness and family counseling
  7. Law and ethics in marriage and family counseling
  8. Contexts of therapy: Religion and Spirituality in counseling
  9. 12-week practicum