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Married Couples Relationship Programme (MCR)

Enjoy a weekend of true love and rediscovery

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Work Life Integration Programme

Understand the dynamics of work-life integration and create personal life goals.

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Integral Student Education (ISE)

This programme aims at enabling schools produce world-class leaders, enhance competitive advantages and financial profitability of schools.

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About IWFI

The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is an organization that provides solutions to contemporary issues in the work and family space. We conduct research, to deliver programmes that address a wide range of issues in todays rapidly changing social demographics.

Our Goal is to enable success at work and family, for a better more fulfilled life.

What We Do

We deliver research based solutions, which are delivered as interventions and as programmes.


We conduct research to address the evolving daily challenges of corporate organisations and family alike.


Our research births solution-providing findings, which we present as facts.


The facts enable us create world-class programmes, that address these specific issues.

The Work and Family Conference is organized every year to bring together, Chief Executives, HR directors and HR professionals to focus our attention on our most important asset, the people.

Our Blog

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