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What is the worst excuse you have given for missing work?

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Being a manager is not all that rosy no matter how powerful the position may seem. A manager has to bring out the best in his team, ensure they achieve a set goal, deal with underperforming employees, respond to a crisis, manage team crisis, terminating an employee and so on. Very often, managers are given ridiculous excuses by their employees when they fail a task or commit some infraction.

Below are some of the excuses managers have received from their employees for not coming to work. They vary depending on the society or country.

  1. Illness (the employee, their spouse, parents)
  2. Their vicinity is flooded
  3. Was robbed
  4. Car developed some fault
  5. Forced eviction by house owner

Oftentimes these excuses are not real. It is just the employee needing some personal time off to attend to issues he feels might not get management approval. Giving fake excuses are a tricky business; your manager might just decide to take a step further and investigate. When found out for missing work based on flimsy excuses, employees have been penalized. It is always best to be honest with your manager what you want the time off for. You don’t have to go into details, just say the truth.


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