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So you didn’t get that promotion, what next?

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The day you anticipated so much is finally here. A culmination of years of hard work, late nights and weekends at the office, a non-existing social life, tons of professional courses and that extra work load you took to qualify.
Unfortunately, things did not turn out quite the way you expected. The promotion you craved so much went to another colleague and you are wondering if you have a future in the company at all. Worse, you feel betrayed by a boss who failed to recommend you for the job.
It hurts to lose a promotion and it is okay to be feel upset but you don’t have to feel bad forever. Keeping things in perspective is important for two reasons;

  • Important decisions are never made in a moment of passion. Your employers don’t think that way, neither should you.
  • Your work life always affects your family life, whether positively or negatively. An unchecked reaction can cause you to be an unpleasant person to be around with, thereby straining your relationship with your family. Research from Relate and Relationships Scotland, has shown work-life balance to be the third biggest strain on couple relationships in the United Kingdom.

Below are a few ways to handle the disappointment of losing a promotion

  1. Pause, take a breath: This is the time to be calm. Take a deep breath and a step back. Your emotions will be running riot at this time. Whatever you think and feel about the situation, this is not the time to act it out. Acknowledge your emotions, process them, work through it and recover. Everyone will be watching how you handle the rejection. Keep up a bright and cheerful appearance.
  2. Ask why: You might want to know why you were not considered for the position. One way of doing this is having a heart-felt discussion with your boss when you feel you are up to it. Is it your work, something about your personality or just simple office politics? However if your company is given to annual appraisals before every promotion, then it is possible you already had an inkling before everything went south.
  3. Plan your next move: Now that you have your answers, you have to decide what to do with them. Do you have to work harder at your job or at your people skills? In that case, you have decided to stay and put in your best your team. Perhaps it is the corporate culture that you are unable to fit into? In that case, it is time to update your resume and seek other opportunities. Whatever your decision is, it is important that your disappointment does not reflect negatively on your work and attitude. Always, always put in your best and be cheerful while at it.

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