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We are pleased to invite you to participate in this year’s Corporate Family Responsible research. The research findings will enhance the understanding of leadership, culture and corporate policies that facilitate the integration of employees’ work, family and personal life and a happier, loyal and more productive workforce. They also provide the organizational insights, into the impact of leadership on individual and company outcomes, while providing an optional opportunity for measuring their internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) relative to their peers.

The Institute of Work and Family Integration (IWFI), a non-governmental, not for profit organization, focuses on Research, Advocacy and Training. The institute in collaboration with Lagos Business School (LBS) of the Pan Atlantic University is conducting the research to provide information on the increasing conflicts between work and family, which is increasingly becoming a problem to many employees. This conflict has both organisational and individual consequences. The consequences include difficulties in the recruitment of key employees, turnover, lack of mobility, absenteeism, and problems with expatriates and multinational careers at the corporate level. At the individual level, employees report career interruptions, work-family conflicts, and strain. The research findings will be discussed, with a view to sharing strategies for the reconciliation of personal, family and professional lives of people working in corporate organizations in Nigeria. Below are detailed information on the proposed research.

Research Objective: Survey the availability of work family friendly practices in organisations. Establish why employees do not make use of the available work family friendly policies.
Organisations will be graded in terms of their work family index and four top companies will receive the Institutes’ award.

Research Timeline:Six months. This period will cover preliminary discussion, administration of questionnaires, analysis of data, and report writing
Mode of Study: The mode of study is limited to field survey which will involve the following:
• Administration of questionnaire to the Human Resources Manager of your organisation.
• After a month’s interval an expanded questionnaire will be administered to selected employees in your organisation
• Researchers will thereafter collate and analyse acquired data to develop work family index for the organisation.
Expectations: It is expected that your organisation will grant necessary permission to administer the questionnaires as itemized above.


Professor Chantal Epie

Prof. Chantal Epie has been a member of the LBS Faculty since 1993. She graduated in law from the University of Paris, later obtained an MSc in Organizational Behaviour from the University of London, and then a Doctorate in Business Administration from Business School Lausanne. She is also a certified MBTI practitioner. She currently heads the Academic Department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at LBS. She is also a Visiting Professor of Business Ethics and Management at Institut de Hautes Etudes Afrique (IHE), Abidjan.
She has over 30 years’ experience as a management trainer. She teaches Management Communication, Organizational Behaviour and Personal Skills (Negotiation, Time Management, Personal Effectiveness, Speedreading etc.) in LBS programmes.
Her past research was in Negotiation, Team Work and Work Stress. The focus of her current research is Work-Family Integration and the organizational benefits of Work-Life Balance.

Dr. Okechukwu Amah

Okechukwu Amah obtained his first degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Ibadan, MBA and PhD from the University of Benin. He started his career as a Petroleum Engineering with Texaco Overseas Nigeria Limited. He held various position in the company among which are District Petroleum Engineer, Assistant District Manager in charge of drilling, production and support services. He became the Production Manager before the company merged with Chevron Nigeria Limited. He moved to Chevron Nigeria Limited and held various positions before disengaging from the company. He worked for a total of 31 years during which he worked in all the various areas of the technical sections of the oil business. Prior to joining the Lagos Business School, he was a part time lecturer in the Lagos State University where he taught MBA students.

He is currently a faculty member in the Department of Human Resources/Organisational Behaviour. He facilitates sessions in Management Communication, Human Resources, Leadership and Human behaviour in organisation. He has carried out mentoring role with some employees of NLNG in Nigeria. He has published many scholarly articles in local and international journals. His research areas include:

 Work-family conflict
 Stress studies
 Work attitudes and performance improvement.

He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Nigeria Academy of Management, and American Academy of Management, Society of Human Resources Management, and Southern Management Society.

Charles Aigbona

Charles Aigbona, is the research Administrator of IWFI and the acting Executive Secretary.
He currently provides administrative leadership in the Research Department and the administrator of the IWFI Research Consortium. Prior to this he headed the Advocacy Department as Senior Coordinator for the Institutes key conferences, while facilitating some of the Work Life balance training and seminars.

He is a renown pharmacist with a B. Pharm and M.Sc (Pharmacology and Toxicology) from the University of Benin. He has over a decade experience in Community and Social Pharmacy Practice. He has also offered consultancy services to numerous NGOs and pharmaceutical companies

We await your favourable consideration so we can commence this important research that is able to add value to your organisation and its employees.

Yours sincerely,

Engr. Charles Osezua OON KSG
Chairman IWFI

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