International Day of the Family – 15th May 2022

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The family is our first school, first friends and our own small world in this large earth. It is where our values are cultivated before we find our own paths. The benefits of a healthy family are uncountable but most importantly when the going gets tough, family is there. Family is the support system we are blessed with. For this reason and so many others, families should be celebrated daily. However, families suffer from different struggles, and this is why the International Day of Families is observed on the 15th of May worldwide. It is observed to bring consciousness to issues affecting family and proffer and promote solutions to these issues.

 This year’s theme is “Families and Urbanization.” It is no news that most of the world population now reside in urban areas (cities), therefore this year’s theme centers on the importance of sustainable family – friendly urban policies. The United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) designed to create a more sustainable future for all features number eleven as Sustainable Cities and Communities which will assist us in achieving number three which states Good Health and Wellbeing. In general, this year’s theme which is Families and Urbanization also develops policies that will help to achieve the UN SDGs before 2030. Urbanization managed properly helps in sustaining life as well as increase the wellbeing of families.

 According to Micheal J. Fox, family is not only important, but also everything. Therefore, we should strive to make policies that address the needs and issues of families. Whatever favors families will better the society or community as well. At the Institute for Work and Family Integration – IWFI, we believe in the Sanctity of Marriage and Family as well as the Dignity, Happiness and Fulfilment of the Human Person; and Human Productivity which are our core values. We also offer interventions that ensure that these values are spread in the society. It is our belief that building better families would lead to better businesses and a better society.  

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