Happy Father’s Day to the Pillars of the Family. It is time to pay attention to the next generation of Fathers!!!

 Boys will grow and become men and men in turn become fathers. Fathers that go on to protect, provide and care for their families. Fathers play a vital role in shaping the future of their children. They work hard to ensure the house is not just a house but a home filled with warmth and love. The struggles of a father are barely seen but today we appreciate all the struggles they hide behind their smiles in order to make sure that the family is alright.

 Fathers Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June and this year it falls on the 19th of June. It is a day to celebrate all father figures (grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles and brothers) and the exceptional role they play as fathers and their contributions to their families and the society. Fathers can be likened to superheroes who are always ready to protect their families against any danger lurking. Today we celebrate all the fathers who tirelessly leave their comfort zone to ensure that the family is happy and comfortable.

 It was Josè Marti who said “ the greatest aim of our education should be to make true fathers out of boys and true mothers out of girls. Everything else is secondary.” Therefore it is imperative that fathers act as role models and set up a good standard of living for their children so they can be responsible parents as well in the future. Also, the need to form the boy child to be the next generation of fathers which we desire cannot be overemphasized. To all the fathers who touch the lives of children positively we say a big thank you!

 As the world celebrates all fathers today we at the Institute for Work and Family Integration – IWFI recognize and honor all the fathers around us and their endless efforts and contributions to the society.

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