Happy Children’s Day to our Next Generation of Leaders

The secrets to raising a happy child lies in making them feel connected to you. Raising happy children is the primary responsibility of our parents. The Institute for Work and Family Integration – IWFI wishes all the children a Happy Children’s Day today. Children are God’s gift to mankind and just like Mother Theresa said, “the child is the beauty of God present in the world, that greatest gift to family.” Children are the very backbone on which a society is formed. What we teach our kids today constitutes what will be practiced tomorrow in the world, that is to say, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore parents, guardians, mentors, and adults in general should not desist from training children rightly and giving them the necessary values and morals that shape them to be good and responsible citizens in the future. We hope every child out there has a smile on their face today. It is one of our core objectives to make the world a better and safer place for children and at IWFI we do so through our Executive Teachers Program in Integral Student Education where we equip teachers, school heads and administrators, parents, guardians and guidance counsellors with skills on how to train the will of the children under their care as well as raise them in morals and virtues in addition to helping them achieve excellence in academics while preparing them for their future careers and/or vocation.

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