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Children now delaying gratification longer- Research

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Parents who frequently berate their children for lack of self-discipline can now heave a sigh of relief.

A recent research released by John Protzko, a psychologist at the University of California, has shown that children can now hold out for several minutes longer, across all levels of ability.

For 50 years, scientists have used an established experiment, ‘the marshmallow test’ as a way of measuring young children’s behavior.

Used to separate those children who can control their primal urges from those who cannot, the test was just a way to monitor brain development that was also quickly seen as a useful predictor of intellect.

Now it seems that contrary to common wisdom, girls and boys are getting better at mastering their immediate impulses.

Given that today’s kids face more temptation than ever before; addictive video games, mobile phones and fizzy drinks; these varied sources of temptation may also be providing opportunities for them to learn.

Back in the day, television was the biggest distraction for children. Presently, the gaming console has taken over.

So there is every possibility that these computer games are actually teaching our children more about strategy and the value of patience.


Source: IFFD

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