• Success tips on teacher-parent engagement

    Please follow and like us:One crucial factor that determines a child’ academic success is family support. Contrary to general belief, children are more likely to succeed when their parents are engaged with their studies. Across the United States and elsewhere, the powerful effect of schools’ partnerships with families has been

  • Online Parenting: Dos and Don’ts

    Please follow and like us:Like every other thing in our fast paced world, parenting has evolved. Gone were the days when new moms and dads turned to their parents, grandparents and neighbours for advice over how to care for their children. These days, few couples live in close proximity with

  • 8.7 million Nigerian youths out-of-school – Report

    Please follow and like us:Since 2010, the number of children, adolescents and youth excluded from education all over the world has risen steadily. Presently, it stands at 264 million persons. About 23% of the total or 61 million are children of primary school age (about 6 to 11 years); 62

  • Step parent or second-rate parent?

    Please follow and like us:Generally, in most societies the step-parent is the proverbial whipping dog for many a fairy tale. Step parents most especially step-mothers have been portrayed as villains; cruel and downright mean. Does this mean it is impossible for step-parents to love children that are not of their

  • A six-step guide to firing your employee nicely

    Please follow and like us:One of the unpleasant duties every manager must carry out is employee termination. Having to make this decision means periodic performance reviews have shown the affected employee is not a great fit for your company. You have sufficient documentation to back your decision but breaking the

  • Are you engaged or just satisfied?

    Please follow and like us:Although employee engagement is not solely about increasing productivity, research has shown that companies with a high level of engagement often experience a productivity rise of about 22% (Gallup). Engagement here is not about some hastily designed human resource policy on salary increment, a revamped gym

  • When your workplace has no sexual harassment policy

    Please follow and like us:Hollywood was shocked last Thursday after American actress, Ashley Judd, accused film producer and Co-founder of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, of sexual harassment. Since the initial report, several women who for years harbored guilt over their encounters with Harvey, have also come forward to share their story.

  • So you didn’t get that promotion, what next?

    Please follow and like us:The day you anticipated so much is finally here. A culmination of years of hard work, late nights and weekends at the office, a non-existing social life, tons of professional courses and that extra work load you took to qualify. Unfortunately, things did not turn out

  • Children now delaying gratification longer- Research

    Please follow and like us:Parents who frequently berate their children for lack of self-discipline can now heave a sigh of relief. A recent research released by John Protzko, a psychologist at the University of California, has shown that children can now hold out for several minutes longer, across all levels of

  • Would you rather fight dirty than fair?

    Please follow and like us:While conflict is a common occurrence in human communication, conflict in marriage on the other hand is an entirely different ball game. A little argument if not handled properly, could easily escalate conflict into combat. This is why counsellors and experts recommend one rule for handling