The Institute for Work and Family Integration (IWFI) is a Non-Governmental – not for profit Organization (NGO) registered as a company limited by guarantee with the aim of providing solutions through research and advocacy to work and family conflicts created by the sociodemographic shifts, with a view to creating a better Familiesbetter Businessbetter Society.

Work and family integration as a concept is to enable the effective balance between Career and Family for a more fulfilling life, productive workforce, enhanced profitability of corporate organisations, and better education and training for future leaders, thereby positioning our society to play more competitively in the global community..


As an institution, our activity starts with problem identification, research and investigation to identify the facts and design solutions in the form of programs, to teach and educate on strategies of overcoming the challenges and realising the expected benefits.


To be the leading research and educational institute on work and family issues in Africa 


IWFI is a research and educational organization focused on issues affecting work and family in today’s changing world.
Our purpose is providing solutions for a fulfilled family life and enhanced work productivity.


The establishment of the Institute was motivated by the outcome of the special United Nations Congress on the Family in New York; which was organized by the International Family Federation in 2004. The congress highlighted the impact of rapidly changing social demography and communication technology on the family.